Quick guide to Planning and Building requirements

Building work needs to comply with the relevant rules and regulations. All these lie within the remit of the planning department of your local authority. If in doubt, you can make an initial verbal or written enquiry to the planning department,  to find out whether the work you plan to do needs to comply with any regulations and, if so, which ones. 
Even if you don’t need planning permission, you will still need to comply with any  relevant building regulations. Exceptional cases might involve listed buildings, work in conservation areas, or change of use (from barn to house, for example).

Planning permission

Deals with the way a building looks and its effect on the local environment. You can apply for planning permission in two stages – outline and then detailed – but you will need detailed drawings to accompany the application, so unless you are very experienced it is best to get an expert to submit an application for you. Submit an application in good time- it may take a while to be approved.

Building regulations

Deal with the safety, structure and function of a building and with its environmental impact (insulation etc). You can either submit a building notice, if you are doing minor works, or submit a full planned application for more major works. It is best to ask  TATE to be advice you for any compliance with building regulations. 
Some properties are listed buildings or in a conservation area and you will need special permission to do work. Both these will fall under the remit of the conservation department in your local planning office. 

Important note. It is considered a criminal offence when carrying out works without the relevant conditions or the work does not comply with an ongoing requirement set by a planning condition. Read more

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