TATE, one company, multiple

construction services

Welcome to TATE Design & Build

At TATE, we are proud to focus on a niche market providing Architectural Design and Building Contractor Services to our domestic & commercial clients.

  • Architectural services
  • Project management
  • Building contractor services

Our services cover Milton Keynes, North London, Northampton, Bedfordshire, Oxford .

Our Clients

  • The regulations, red-tape, and risks involved seem like a challenging barriers
  • You don’t really understand the construction process and worry about getting it wrong
  • You fear that costs for your project might exceed your budget or spiral out of control
  • You are concerned about Construction Design and Management, Health and Safety, and technical issues
  • You worry there could be an adverse impact on your existing business,

TATE has the right blend of skills to assist the success of your project.