TATE, one company, multiple

construction services

Welcome to TATE Design & Build

At TATE, we are proud to focus on a niche market providing Architectural Design and Building Contractor Services to our domestic & commercial clients.

TATE is focused around three core services to bring your vision to life.

  • Architectural services
  • Project management
  • Building contractor services

We offer Architectural Services to put your design ideas to paper and Construction Project Management Services to translate design into bricks and mortar.

Our services cover Milton Keynes, North London, Northampton, Bedfordshire, Oxford .

Our Clients

Whether you are a project owner, private client or a contractor, if you have little or no experience of the commercial construction process, and are concerned about:

  • The regulations, red-tape, and risks involved seem like a challenging barriers
  • You don’t really understand the construction process and worry about getting it wrong
  • You fear that costs for your project might exceed your budget or spiral out of control
  • You are concerned about Construction Design and Management, Health and Safety, and technical issues
  • You worry there could be an adverse impact on your existing business,

TATE has the right blend of skills to assist the success of your project.