Construction Project Management Services

No matter the size of your home construction project— a Project Manager will be your biggest ally at every step, making the entire process easier and smoother from start to finish.

We support clients with high-end residential property construction and home renovation projects, as well as small-scale commercial building schemes. We also work with clients from the design stage throughout managing the construction phase.

We can make sure that projects are compliant with Health & Safety, Building Regulations, and all other relevant authorities.

Our services include Contract Administration, Construction Management, site support, full Project Management and Project Rescue services and covers the following areas:

  • Milton Keynes,
  • North London,
  • Northampton,
  • Bedfordshire,
  • Oxford .

Whether you have a small or big project, do not underestimate the Project Manager role and support to help you save time and treble.

Why hire a project manager?

Construction and building projects could be frustrating, costly and sometimes dangerous for someone who does not have the experience or the time. Most unmanaged building projects in the UK – 90 per cent of them – overspend by an average of 20 per cent. That means that on a £150,000 extension or refurbishment, you could add £30,000 of extra costs. This is why hiring a professional Project Manger can be the solution for you.

Other benefits include:


Expert Knowledge

As a professional adviser with construction expertise, a Project Manager can guide you through the entire process. They possess in-depth knowledge of all aspects of residential construction and management, allowing them to oversee everything from the selection of the architect and contractor to guiding the homeowner through the construction process. In short, they will keep all key aspects of the project up and running without you being involved.


Budget Control

When not planned efficiently and executed effectively, a construction project can quickly run over budget. A Project Manager will guide the design steps to make sure the project is designed to the homeowner’s budget and then monitor the costs during construction to ensure the project stays on budget. A Project Manager also ensures proper scheduling and planning, helping the job stay on time and on track.


Clear Communication

There are various people, personalities, and duties that come with a home construction job. To maintain communication between all these important players and to cut down on confusion and mixed messages, the project manager serves as a liaison between them and you. Unexpected challenges and changes are bound to pop up on any project, and the manager will communicate between the parties and resolve these concerns. They are the home owner’s advocate—they always represent what is in the home owner’s best interest.


Stress Free From Start to Finish

A home construction project is one of the largest investments you will ever make, and often involves your most precious possession: your home, the centre of your family life. For many homeowners, this may be the first time you have ever undertaken a construction project. Inexperience, the fear of the unknown and the process behind a construction project can ratchet up the stress levels for both you and your loved ones. Having a Project Manager as a trusted adviser to give guidance and support during the entire process can reduce the stress levels exponentially.

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Ahmed was instrumental in helping me with my loft conversion. He liaised with all the contractors, and clearly communicated with me what was going on at all times. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks a million.

John S.

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